Wednesday, October 28, 2015

NMS News Round-Up!

From around the virtual world of Nixon Motor Sports, here's today's very latest update of various vivacious victuals of vital news:

NMS South (Brian in South Carolina) recently visited Virginia and was showing off this version of the NMSouth log on the Ford Fiesta ST.

With the letters rounded out with the top silhouette of the NMS Miata, I think it's a very clean and sharp image for a logo.  Clearly Brian does great stuff as the creative director of NMS, and continues to give us a nice look on the website and elsewhere.
Up north here at NMS North (Robert in Virginia), a recent birthday included this battery powered DeWalt driver. This one is 1/2 inch drive, so that required a quick trip to the Sears store for a set of deep impact sockets.

With two batteries and the recharger included, that adds up to a very handy birthday in my book! Or blog. Or whatever!

Remember to take care of your tools, keep them clean, and they will take care of you.
The Craftsman tools from Sears continue to be a good bargain in the tool world for those of us that like to work on cars in garages and elsewhere.

There are plenty of other tool companies out there too, so I don't really have anything bad to say about any of them, although I can observe that the few times I've had a tool just flat out break or fail, it's always been some cheap brand that I wasn't really expecting to last anyway.
Also in the birthday department, Brian provided the FIAT with it's own set of NMS stickers, highlighted with the outline of the FIAT.

Even with all the weight of so many stickers and decals, remember that each sticker adds 10 horsepower to your car, so keep sticking!

Coming up this weekend, Brian will be autocrossing at ZMax in Charlotte NC with the Central Carolina Region folks, and on TV I'm planning to watch the new Mexican Grand Prix F1 race from Mexico City, 2pm Eastern on Sunday.

NMS course walk: Shadowy characters. 

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