Monday, October 12, 2015

The DMV Experience

One of life's greatest pleasures is....   No, really, the one part of life that I could do without is visiting the Department of Motor Vehicles. The bottom line up front, or "BLUF" (which is supposed to mean FACTS but amazingly the acronym as a word means you're NOT telling the facts) is that my most recent visit was simple, quick, to the point, easy, free, and painless!

Believe it or not the planets must have lined up and all the cosmic tumblers slipped into place on Friday morning, because the DMV visit was as good as it good be! First off there was plenty of parking outside the usually crowded building. Then there was no one in line at the first screening station when I arrived. After that I only waited for about three other numbers that were called before it was my turn. At the service window I handed over my old title from another state, and the friendly lady handed me a shiny brand new Virginia title in a matter of minutes. Free, true story, believe it or not, still amazed, newsworthy, like-winning-the-lottery, wow!

Stay tuned to this blog for more amazing TRUE stories in the future. (and some that won't be true too!)

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