Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My Car Does What?

According to the National Safety Council, we have over 30,000 traffic deaths every year in the US, and 90% are related to driver error. If you are interested in driving safety, and how cars can make us all safer, you might want to check out a website titled "My Car Does What?" at this link:

I'm not going to make this political at all, so please understand I'm only interested in driving safety. I'm not going to talk about self-driving cars, because the reality of right now is that I don't have a self driving car. One thing I know is that many cars have safety features that I don't know about or fully understand, so this new website that is trying to educate more people on what safety features are available makes sense to me.

From our experience with auto-cross and driving on a track in a controlled environment, the drivers at Nixon Motor Sports know that the most important thing is safety, both in how we drive, what we drive, and every other safety tool in our tool kit. Regular maintenance, driving appropriately in bad weather, wearing safety gear like helmets (in certain types of driving) and seat belts (always), are simple steps we can take to be safe drivers.

A quick glance at, (developed by the National Safety Council and the University of Iowa) shows that the website explains some of the latest technology available to drivers that are useful tools in making any driver (like you and me) safer on today's roads. Here's a partial list of some car features explained on the website that you may not not have experienced:

     -Forward Collision Prevention
     -Adaptive Headlights
     -Automatic Emergency Braking
     -Obstacle Detection
     -Pedestrian Detection
     -Night Vision
     -Adaptive Cruise Control

One of my favorites that we have on our Camry, and I never thought I'd need until I had it, is the back up camera. I believe that these cameras will be mandatory on cars in a few years, so many vehicles have these now. On the website it even states that this educational program is funded by Toyota, so I have to give them an A+ for working to improve auto safety.

(The My Car Does What logo is used with permission)

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