Thursday, September 10, 2015

Looking Up at a Party

Two autocross events and about 35 autocross runs later, the tires were ready to rotate on the Fiesta this week.  After helping replace a thermostat on the rallycross Focus, I took the opportunity to get my car up on the lift to take a quick look and expedite the tire rotation.

 The exhaust is showing a pretty cool color effect from all of the heat the little turbo engine is generating.  Either that, or the Fiesta is enhanced with mood ring technology for quick diagnostic of how your car is feeling that day.
 Rear suspension...spring, shock, brakes...yep, car parts.

 Engine, transmission, and hey! That oil filter looks pretty easy to access!
Keen eyes will note the red rubbery plastic exhaust hanger in the first picture, whereas this one (closer to the engine toward the front of the car) is blue.  The blue felt more flexible than the red one.  The intention seems to be that the hangers near the engine (where there is more vibration and movement) allow more flexibility, but they become more firm as you move to the rear of the car to dampen the movement and prevent it from hitting the car and clanking around.

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