Saturday, September 5, 2015

50% off = 100% success

The Fiesta, like many new sporty cars comes with skinny, sticky summer tires.  They're great for autocross, but they get bumpy on the street and can be more easily damaged if you hit a pothole the wrong way.  Did I mention that once the weather gets below 40 degrees they like to slide around? They do.
Fiesta has more than enough room for all your pull-it-yourself parts needs!

Much like with the Miata, I remedied this by having a second set of wheels with not-as-skinny all season tires.  If our area received more snow regularly, it would be worth having this second set as snow / winter tires instead of the all seasons.  A few weeks back we confirmed the older Focus wheels work nicely on the Fiesta and going from a 17" wheel down to the 15" Focus wheels also lets me use the all season tires that rode on the Miata (magically they're the same size for both cars!).
Tough to see very well from the picture, but the new tires were pretty nasty but in decent shape for 10 year old wheels.

This weekend LKQ (similar to Bob's post about Pick N Pull a few weeks back) was having a 50% off sale, so I woke up early on a Saturday (again) and got up to Greenville to snag a full set of wheels for about $100.  Big thanks to Big Kyle for scouting the lot Friday before the sale started to make sure there were wheels in stock before I made the trip.
The tires were BAD.  Real BAD.  Luckily that saved me money since I was putting my good tires on.
Now that they're all cleaned up, I can take everthing down the street to all have it installed so the Fiesta will be ready for drives up to Ohio and VA in October when the weather is starting to cool down.

Fresh and clean Focus wheel will dry for a bit and then have some good tires mounted.

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