Thursday, September 17, 2015

Auto Auction Action!

Looking for a bargain? Need a car to either drive, race, or repair?

Supra! But does it even run?

If you said "yes", then attending an auto auction is for YOU!

There are all kinds of auto auctions around the country, and even if you don't need a new car they can be fun to attend and dream about finding that cool car, or just maybe the bargain of the century! If you are looking for a LeMons race car that costs under $500, an auction might just be the place to find it! If you don't know what LeMons racing is, check out this link:  24 Hours of LeMons!

Mustang convertible

On a certain government installation near me, they hold quarterly auto auctions of abandoned vehicles, and this week I stopped by during my lunch hour just to see what kind of cars were available. They had 37 vehicles up for auction, and the entertaining part about it was a professional auction company that comes in and runs the event. They did all the fast talking auction lingo, and  managed to sell every vehicle in under an hour! Let's make it clear that auctioneers do NOT mess around, since I'm sure their job is to help sell everything as quickly as possible.

97 Camaro. Check out the unique paint job!

While it was mostly cars, a few trucks and mini-vans, there was also a few jet-skis, a Jon boat, and a little boat trailer there, so apparently people leave all  kinds of stuff laying around this particular installation! They publish a list of what will be up for auction ahead of time, so it's easy to find out what kind of stuff might be available, although to find out the condition of anything you have to go there and check it out before the auction. At this location, they open up two days before the auction for prospective buyers to inspect the vehicles, which I would certainly recommend if you are seriously thinking about buying at auction. There is no guarantee that any car will work, have 4 tires, be complete, etc.

Ride in style in a Cadillac

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