Tuesday, June 16, 2015

North VS. South 2015!

This coming Sunday will have both NMS-North (me) and NMS-South (Brian) driving the same event at the same time, so we're calling this North VS. South. Alternate titles include "Fathers Day Face-Off" but the National Hockey League keeps using that term. It could be titled "MIATA MEETS FIAT", but, well, it's not. How about "South Carolina VS. Virginia"? No, that sounds like an argument over who grows the best peanuts or which state has the least number of major league sports franchises! (Both SC and VA do not have teams in MLB, NBA, NHL, or NFL).

OK, just to spell out this monumental clash of titans, family bragging rights, and the future of the entire galaxy, it's father vs. son on Father's Day 2015!

Sure, Brian beat me at the Krispy Kreme Challenge last year (run 5 miles and eat 12 donuts in under an hour), but come on, I wasn't even trying. Shoot, I didn't even train for the eating part!

Tune in next week for the results from this epic battle, Contest of the Century, Showdown by the Seaside, NMS World Championship!!

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