Thursday, June 4, 2015

Nixon Motor Sports Press Release Regarding Entering Formula 1

Following the FIA's formal notice that it would be open to new teams entering Formula 1 as early as 2016, the Technical Director of Nixon Motor Sports Brian Nixon was quoted as saying that "NMS currently has no plans to enter F1, and has not been in discussion with the FIA about running in F1, you can quote me on it".

As reported on,  MOTORSPORT.COM LINK this announcement of possible new teams as soon as next year would be in addition to the US based Haas F1 team, and might just be a clever way to signal that F1 just might be open to "customer" teams that would buy car chassis and engines from the bigger teams such as Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, and Williams. Present regulations require F1 teams to be actual "constructors" of at least the chassis of their cars, even though they are allowed to buy engines and other components from other suppliers.

When questioned further, Brian stated that "Sure, who wouldn't want to drive at the professional level, travel the world, and be a racer for a living?", but then went on to explain that the NMS budget is currently "...about 500 million dollars short of realistically being able to fund an F1 team at an estimated $500,000,001 per year".

A similar statement from Nixon Motor Sports North also added that "No matter how much Ferrari begs us, we're just not going to join F1 next year and embarrass them, so I wish they would stop asking". 

In the real world, here are the current entries in this Saturday's E Street class entries, as the South Carolina Region of the Sports Car Club of America hits the autocross trail again. Good luck to NMS South driver Brian Nixon in the number 86 Miata!

 E Street   5 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
16 Thomason, Richard 1993Mazda MiataStoney Point Restorations Greenwood, SC
19 DeGennaro, Kyle 2002Mazda MiataChief Racing Sumter, SC
57 Humphries, Dan 2003Mazda MiataDowntown Printers Columbia, SC
86 Nixon, Brian 1999Mazda MiataNixon Motor Sports Columbia, SC
87 Williams, Harlan 1997Mazda Miata
Blythewood, SC

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