Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day Autocross 2015

Brian drove all the way up to Virginia Beach this weekend to drive in the autocross today, and overall it was a great weekend, and always great to be with (at least most of) your family! Here's a few happy pictures that were all taken before the bad news of the day happened, and that bad news spells the end of the engine in the NMS 1999 Miata!

Brian was on his first run of the day, and among other things: the gas pedal went to the floor through the carpeting, which caused the engine to keep revving, which led to what we believe is a seized-broken-dead engine.

On the positive side, engines can be replaced and no one was hurt. Also, the host Tidewater Sports Car Club members did all they could to keep everyone safe, help get the car off course, and assist in the engine's terminal diagnosis, along with plenty of offers to help. We'll be reporting more on the Miata in the future as this story develops!

Driving wise, Robert took a solid 2nd place in GS out of a grand total of 2 cars, with Jason Lisner doing his usual outstanding job and finishing a couple seconds clear in first place. Congrats to Jason, who should win the title in our class this year once he's driven enough events. For now, we'll update the points when we get the official results, but I'll admit I'm only in first for now because I've driven more events!

When he wasn't getting the Miata squared away, Brian hopped in the FIAT and beat my current time anyway, although my last run just barely went a hair faster, by only 0.031 seconds. Considering it was my car, I got 4 runs, and that Brian was more worried about his Miata, I'd have to say he's faster than me too.

The NMS Miata is in the house in Virginia, ready to do combat on Sunday! 

Heading for inspection, 8:27AM and its in the 90s, HOT HOT HOT!

Happy Father's Day Lunch!

The Miata is ready!

Both NMS cars together for the first time in 2015!

Brian standing by, ready to race!

Chesapeake Bay in background, Navy vehicles, and the MIATA!

No, they don't let us drive on the Navy LCACs!

Miata on grid!

When your car already has some battle damage, a Band-Aid makes it all better!

Both NMS red cars ready to roll, prior to engine "bad-hair day".

Robert and Brian

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