Sunday, June 7, 2015

Crafty Camera Clicks: Cars and Coffee!

Sorry, I didn't even figure out what this was!
 NMS hopes you had a good weekend, chock full of automobile related fun for the entire family! Brian was busy Saturday winning first in ES at an autocross event with the South Carolina Region of the SCCA, so congrats to him.

Here in Virginia, other than watching the F1 race from Canada (congrats to another #77 Valtteri Bottas for finishing 3rd on the podium for the Williams team!!), and washing some wheels, I visited the Virginia Cars and Coffee, so let's look at some cool cars and funny license plates!

Porsche, Porsche, and more Porsche!

and more Porsche, with cool rally lights!

Nice FIAT, it's for sale!

Can you find the key lock for the trunk?

Love the paint job, and the fuel filler door
A Corvette motor in a Pontiac Fiero? It looks like this!

Best French car of the day!  ONLY French car at Cars and Coffee!

1 of 2 Acura NSXs at Cars and Coffee! Both were red.

Note the "Volvo Mafia" stickers!

Motor in a Ford GT40 replica. Nice!

Old VW Rabbit, converted to all electric!

I think it was a Corvette, owned by Superman apparently!

Nice Mustang badge, click on it and take a close look!
Funny plates, ready set GO!

"Too quick for you"!

Another Volvo Mafia car, "Swede'N'Low"'s really safe!

Cabrio FIAT Abarth with EXTRA Scorpions..obviously a cool car!

Nice smiley Triumph TR3!

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