Friday, January 9, 2015

Tidewater Sports Car Club Announces 2015 Dates

Auto cross on the Chesapeake Bay!
NMS-North is happy to share the news that the local Tidewater Sports Car Club has now posted their autocross dates for the entire year as listed below. As a volunteer organization, they are doing a great job of planning and holding events in a professional manner.  

We look forward to running in their events in 2015 and getting to know more auto cross folks in the Tidewater area of Virginia Beach. 

21 Mar: Demo Day (Pungo)
22 Mar: Autocross 1 (Pungo) (Championship Series Event 1)
18 Apr: Novice School (Pungo)
19 Apr: Autocross 2 (Pungo) (Championship Series Event 2)
16 May: Test and Tune (Pungo / ACU-4)
17 May: Autocross 3 (Pungo / ACU-4) (Championship Series Event 3)
24 May: Spring Track Attack (Pending) Academi
21 Jun: Autocross 4 (Pungo / ACU-4) (Championship Series Event 4)
26 Jul: Autocross 5 (Pungo / ACU-4) (Championship Series Event 5)
8 Aug: TSCC Summer Picnic
16 Aug: Autocross 6 (Pungo / ACU-4) (Championship Series Event 6)
20 Sep: Autocross 7 (Pungo / ACU-4) (Championship Series Event 7)
26 Sep: Fall Track Attack (Pending) Academi Training Facility
17 Oct: Military Appreciation Autocross (Active Duty Military Only)
18 Oct: Autocross 8 (Pungo / ACU-4) (Championship Series Event 8 )
15 Nov: Autocross 9 (Pungo) (Championship Series Event 9)
12 Dec: TSCC Awards Banquet

One of the cool things the Tidewater club does is offer drivers the chance to buy a subscription in advance, which pays for the 9 points events listed above all in one shot, and at a discount to the regular price of driving!  Great idea, I think I'll sign up!

You can follow along and get more info at the TSCC forum link: TSCC Forum

...and the regular TSCC link is found under our NMS Links over on the right of this page or right here: TSCC

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