Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fuel Filter Time

Just when you thought I was running out of items to check off my to-do list for the 99 Miata, I bagged another one.  Yesterday I finally plugged in the new fuel filter I had laying around.
After jacking up the car (again), there's a plastic cover near the rear passenger wheel that gets removed to reveal the cruddy old filter.  At this point I had already disconnected the battery, disconnected the fuel pump wiring and made sure the fuel system was depressurized.
After a few minutes of mashing the dirt out of the connectors, I finally freed the old filter and swapped in the new.  I only lost about a cup of gas with the system depressurized, so pretty good. Not a drop on the garage floor too!
Finally, the plastic cover was put back on and all the wiring put back in place.  A few cranks of the engine and everything fired back up.  The old filter dumped a good amount of gunk in my drain pan, so it was probably time to make sure that was replaced and not holding back any gas flow and robbing power in any way.
The car is still sitting on all four jack stands.  The fender is getting cleaned up a bit to get painted this week so it doesn't rust apart, one rear caliper will be replaced and new rotors and pads will finally go on too.  Next weekend the brakes and clutch will get a final bleed before popping the summer tires back on for our first autocross February 7th and 8th.

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