Monday, January 19, 2015

Quick Mazda Update, Part I!

Get it, "Quick Mazda" Update?????  We spent a little time in the garage this weekend, mostly to see what is up with getting this fender fixed that the previous owner managed to damage, replace the one headlight, and then Brian also changed spark plugs and wires. 

You can see the little crunched spot just near the
headlight, so we'll remove the fender and then
replace the headlight.

To get to all the bolts holding the fender, Brian first
has to remove the inner wheel well liner, just pop off
a couple of plastic screw tab things. Easy to replace
when they break apparently!

Oh, and then find a few more clips that hold the
bumper and fender together too.

Just about ready to remove the fender, and you can
see the old headlight has been removed. Just two
bolts hold the headlight in place, and one of the
lamps pops out, the other screws out. Simple.

Almost an ACTION SHOT! as Brian has removed
fender! VICTORY!

Safety note: the jack is just there for the heck of
it while the jack stand you can see just between the
brake rotor and jack is holding all the weight.

New headlight in place (still needs a bolt on the
upper mount), and the fender can now be repaired-
bent-straightened a bit and maybe repainted. Wheel
is back on, but the Miata is not driving anywhere
right away, so no big deal.

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