Monday, January 12, 2015

2014 Car Sales in Review

Today kicks off the big auto show in Detroit, so before we get deluged with new car unveilings, let's take a look at car sales in 2014.  The US economy did OK overall as total new vehicle sales increased over 2013 to a total of about 16.6 million. For FIAT, it was their best selling year since returning to our country in 2011, with 46,121 new cars sold, which is up 7% over 2013.  With basically the 500 and the larger 500L to choose from, with multiple varieties of those two, FIAT seems to be doing fine for staying in business here, and in 2015 will add the 500X too. You can get more FIAT news at FIAT 500 USA

For our friends at Mazda who sold 305,801 vehicles in the US , about 4,745 of those were the mighty Miata! With the new redesigned model Miata (officially the MX-5)coming out this year, look for an increase in the number of new ones leaving dealer's lots.  Even with the Miata being a small part of their business, their sales were up 7.7% in the best selling Mazda year since 1994! NMS has test driven some of their other models like the Mazda6 and rate them highly too.

For the giants of industry, the top selling brands, including cars and trucks were:

    GM        2.9 million
    Ford       2.4 million
    Toyota   2.3 million
    Chrysler 2.0 million
    Honda    1.5 million
    Nissan    1.3 million

Other interesting brands selling similar to FIAT's 46,121 include

    Volvo          56,000
    Mini            56,000
    LandRover  51,000
    Porsche       47,000

Then just for fun, you might want to know that Ferrari sold a whopping 2,145 cars here (they claim they will never make an SUV, so good for them!), Smart sold about 10,000 believe it or not, and Suzuki stopped selling here, so you'll have to buy a used one to drive a Suzuki. 

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