Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Quick Miata Update Part II

Subtitle: Let's watch Brian put in Spark Plugs and wires!

Subtitle II: So Easy A Caveman Could Do it!
On the mighty 4 cylinder Miata, replacing spark plugs is about the easiest thing this side of putting more gas in the tank.
1-open hood
2-pull the wires out
3-grab a 5/8th spark plug socket and remove the   four spark plugs
4-use same socket to put the new plugs in, torque to 11-17foot-pounds
5-connect the new ignition wires
6-stick a fork in it because you're DONE!

In other words, unlike the NMS FIAT or NMS Ford Ranger, there are NO other engine parts, intakes, plenums, EGR valves, hoses, or wires to remove to even get TO the spark plugs. Also in other words, I stood by and took pictures while Brian did all the work.

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