Saturday, August 30, 2014

G Street Report From Darlington

Today was a fun autocross event held at Darlington Raceway, and I'll just have to emphasize the FUN part because it seems that almost everyone in my class was driving faster today! You name it, Ford Fiesta ST, Ford Focus ST, Honda Civic Si, and a VW Golf GTI, they all went faster than I did. With just a few more points on the day, I'm solidly in 3rd place for the year.

 Oh well, here's a few photos that can be good without being fast! You can find more photos on our NMS Flickr page, linked over there on the right.

Among the cool cars that were driving today were a Dodge Viper, a Lotus Exige, an old Volvo wagon, a kart, about a bazillion Miatas, and one other FIAT Abarth in addition to mine!

Also this nice old Porsche:

Maybe you like the look of an old Lotus 7 type of car:

I felt like I was improving with each run, and for the first 4 that was true as I knocked off a few tenths per run, so while I ended up nearly last in my class, out of all 79 drivers I still managed the 31st fastest PAX time, so well into the faster half of the field.

Here is Brian heading out for one of his runs in Kyle Ray Smith's Miata, and I imagine he'll be posting more info and photos on how his day went over in the E Street class.

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