Tuesday, August 12, 2014

7,000 Page Views = Get a Free T-Shirt!

      Brian Nixon in the 2004 Mazdaspeed Miata ready to drive some laps at....????

Time to reward all  our loyal NMS readers and give away a freebie!

To win a t-shirt, be one of the the first two people to respond in the comment block to this page and correctly identify where the above photo was taken.... will receive a really cool and awesome and free t-shirt that we picked up at some car show....somewhere...sometime this year.

HINT: The name of the track MIGHT be hiding in the photo.

HINT #2: "CHARLOTTE'S" Web is a children's book.

Hopefully you wear a medium size shirt, because that's what we're giving away!

Family members of NMS are not eligible to win, but any comments from family members just might keep you on the Christmas card list this year.

We will ask the winner to separately send us their mailing address, and promise that we won't use it to flood you with junk catalogs, job applications, credit card offers, or any other spam and unwanted stuff, just one freebie t-shirt.


  1. Trace631
    Thanks for posting, we've got one more shirt to give away!

  2. Trace631,
    Send me your mailing address and name to Robert.a.nixon6@gmail.com and we'll mail you a t-shirt. Thanks for posting!


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