Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Current Thoughts on Electric Vehicle Day in Blythewood!

OK, did you see what I did there?  "Current" thoughts on "Electric" vehicle day?  I pride myself on having almost a 5th grade level sense of humor, so I hope you got a CHARGE out of that one!  Some might even say it was SHOCKING!

The owners of this blog would like to apologize for the previous paragraph. The writer of that paragraph has been CHARGED with....

The real owners of this blog would like to apologize for the previous apology.  It will not happen again.

Or maybe it will.

This Saturday will be Electric Vehicle Day in my hometown of Blythewood SC, so you can visit this website for a bit of info: blythewood-electric-vehicle-demo-day.  At the website you can also get a free ticket to the event, although I'm sure you can show up and check out the cars without one too.  The city wants you to know that they have installed five car chargers at three locations in town (two hotels and one gas station), and from 10AM-2PM you can come out and see the facilities, as well as test drive some electric cars!  Just head for the Exxon, the Holiday Inn Express, or the Comfort Inn on exit 27 of I-77 in Blythewood, north of Columbia. These charging stations will be open 24/7, and they are free!  Maybe I can take my guitar amp over there too and use their electricity!

Scheduled to appear are the BMW i3, Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt, and the Mitsubishi i-MiEV.  We are hoping to test drive as many of these EVs as possible, and give you a quick review of our findings in a future post. As auto makers continue to improve their electric vehicles, the range and performance of the cars seems to be increasing, which will increase the market for real people that might find them practical, and maybe even make them more affordable as the technology matures.

I've test driven a hybrid car before, and at least for those few minutes was totally underwhelmed by the lack of power, but of course power is not the main point of a hybrid or electric car. Brian is likely to some day post something about his experience with a hydrogen powered car, so I'll leave that topic to him.  One thing that should be interesting with the electric cars is that they should have all their torque available from the get-go, unlike most gas powered cars, so that should be fun to experience a bit of acceleration on Saturday.

Stay tuned for another ELECTRIFYING  report soon!

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