Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Columbia Cars and Coffee, May 2014

Well, we headed over to Cars and Coffee here in Columbia again (last Saturday of the month at the Village of Sandhill) and guess what????   We saw some cars!!!!  EXCELLENT!

Lucky for me, my driving valet picked me up, and since it wasn't raining or hailing we rode with the top down.
After parking with some other Miatas, it was time to take a look around and see what other motoring mayhem was mesmerizing members of the car community, beside the old Chevy hot rod in front of the Miata. They call it cars and coffee, and yes, I was drinking coffee.
                                                                A new Jaguar XK-R, nice!

                                                                                 VW Beetle
                                                 This BMW M3, with the colors on the grille gives me some ideas!
                                                                    Under the hood of the Chevy hot rod!
                                                                                      Rat Rod!
                                                                Not sure of the make, so we'll say a Cobra replica!
                                                           That's it for this month, see you next time!

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