Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Technical Difficulties

Testing and data analysis from Monday's event at CMP reveals NMS driver Brian Nixon is making a critical mistake that is easily costing significant time delays on track.  Below we see the file photo of our #86 driver holding his lunch of an apple and a peanut butter sandwich.  On further review the sandwich was seen to be constructed with a crunchy peanut butter and not smooth.  This goes against the principal that "smooth is fast" when racing.  

Brian commented, "We've been so busy with other aspects of the car and setup it's almost silly we've overlooked the simple stuff.  Luckily team boss, Robert Nixon was on hand and captured this key data so we can really get to work on making improvements for the next event.  We just need to keep a focus on our own lunch and not get too distracted on what other teams are doing for lunch and really improve our own game.  We've been able to deliver significant improvements in the last year and I'm sure this is no different.  We have a lot of time until the next event in June and I'm confident we'll get this sorted out.  I'm sure keeping a focus on being smooth will pay off in the end."

The team is now working with parts suppliers and re-assessing their sandwich construction techniques back at the Columbia base.  Revised parts are schedule to be shipped with the car to the next event as part of an overall lunch package that the team is hoping will vault them over the competing ES cars.

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