Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hutchinson Island Recap and Looking Ahead

The official results are out, and out of 3 Mazdaspeed Miatas comprising all of E Street, Brian was able to bring the #86 car in for a 2nd place finish.

Actual run times:
69.909+1 (I'm pretty sure that's a +4 in real life)

The third run at a fastest time of just under 55 seconds was quick enough for a finish of 28th out of a nice round 100 entrants on Sunday.  Good to be in the top 1/3 of drivers at the event, though the first place Mazdaspeed Miata was over 2.6 seconds quicker finishing 4th overall, so the bar for improvement remains high.

Follow on board with Brian for 6 runs.  Run 1 was particularly fun when the back end broke loose on the first right-hander, destroying the crossover section.

Get ready, Darlington and more piloting through pylons is up in just a few days! With the field shaping up to be another tight competition between no fewer than 6 Miatas in ES, Brian has his eyes set on a second place finish or higher to continue his climb in the season points standings.

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