Monday, May 12, 2014

Run by Run, Fun by Fun!

Darlington South Carolina, points event #3, May 10th 2014. 

First Run:  OK, all those other knuckleheads took their sweet time getting to grid for our first run group, so here I am the first driver on the line, getting the "honor" of cleaning some of the sand and stuff off the pavement. Oh well, it won't be my fastest run right off the bat, so I'll take it easy and not hit any cones just to get a record time down and then speed up since we will be getting SIX RUNS today!

Launch, good, big straight. speed speed speed, gas gas, here comes the slalom and BAM into the 2nd cone on a really tight slalom, missed the 3rd slalom cone, so immediatly I know the run time won't count so I'm back on gas and finish the run. Time: 40.575 and DNF, will do better next time.

Second Run:  Remind myself to brake more before the slalom and get a clean run this time!
Launch, no problem, into the straight with gas gas gas but holding back for the slalom a bit, brake brake brake, and I'm thru the slalom this time!  Focus on the big 180 sweeper, squealing, too fast, straighten it out, and on to the second half of the run.  A few small turns, wow there's a lot of cones out here... gas, brake for the Chicago Box, into the last few maneuvers and BAM hit another cone. Crap, that end section was too fast that run, will have to slow down there.  Time: 41.689 +2 cones, so two seconds per cone means 45.689.

Third Run: Mental review, brake for slalom, brake HARD for the 180 sweeper, brake straight going into  the Chicago Box like last time, then don't over do it on the end and get a clean run. Still 4 runs to go, piece of cake.

Launch, good, straight on the gas, brake hard for slalom, turn the steering wheel harder, back on the gas, HARD BRAKE BRAKE BRAKE for the sweeper to get tighter on the first cone, looking ahead to the right to see what's coming up and HOLY SMOKES ONE OF MY GLOVES IS FLOPPING AROUND ON THE SEAT BECAUSE I FORGOT TO PUT IT ON WHEN I STARTED THE CAMERA OH WELL get back on the gas thru the turn-around, thru the Chicago Box, and careful on the ending this time. Time: 42.513

Fourth Run:  (Still talking to myself)  You dummy, you should have gone that slow and got a clean run the first time like you planned, but that's OK, one clean run so far with THREE MORE TO GO. Now, go FASTER on the straight, keep pushing thru the slalom and sweeper, but get more gas SOONER in the sweeper, and more speed after the Chicago Box to improve the run time)   Time: 42.363

Fifth Run:  Geeze, all of that thinking and improving and I dropped only 2/10ths! Let's drop more time on this run.   Launch.... Come on.... go faster.... brake harder, early in-fast out on the sweeper, get on the gas SOONER....brake straight on the box and push it thru the end.....looking for the timer....Time: 40.809

Sixth and Final Run:  OK, dropped about 1.5 seconds last time, let's keep it up. Do all that stuff the same but faster!  Launch, ok, gas gas gas thru the straight, brake hard and thru the slalom, brake Brake BRAKE into the sweeper and gas it, easy thru the Chicago Box, and gas to the end....Time: 40.743.  Dropped another tenth, and so I feel pretty good that I was still improving on the last run.

Result:   Second place in G Street, 2 seconds out of first place and 2 seconds ahead of third.

Just in case I haven't said it lately, autocrossing is a TON of fun!  The real competition isn't just against the other drivers, but to improve your driving skills and keep learning.

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