Wednesday, May 8, 2024

NMS-South Adds "Instructor" to Resume


Congratulations to NMS-South for earning his Instructor certification with NASA last weekend. What's he instructing? Aeronautics? Physics? Math? English? Nah, driving on track! This NASA is the National Auto Sport Association, not those outer space guys. 

NMS Nissan 350Z, #86X with X meaning instructor

One of the many safety rules with most groups that sponsor on track driving is that as a beginner track driver you have an instructor in your car with you. This is the best way to learn how to drive safely on track, since there's only about a bazillion things to think about when you're piloting a car around a race track. Sure, you could get your neighbor Ricky Bobby to show you a few pointers, but considering you might be driving a 3,000 pound chunk of metal at 120mph around a bunch of other drivers, well, we recommend you go with a licensed professional!

We can confirm that the 350Z fits inside the trailer too! You're welcome for that bit of research!

Sort of like if you learned to drive in Driver's Education with a teacher from your high school, or a local driving school, the odds are that the instructor in the passenger seat knows what in the world they are doing. Likewise, I'm sure most professional athletes and tons of amateurs have coaches that they consult to tweak their skills, everywhere from the golf course to the football field. Shoot, I don't know for sure how professional poker players operate, but I imagine somebody out there is coaching some of them too. Oh wait a minute, I know a poker coach, the Brad Pitt character from the Ocean's 11 movie! When we first meet him he's teaching rich kids how to bet in poker.

Safety rule: If your track car has 2 seats, the passenger must have the same level of safety (seat, harness) as the driver. 

Anyway, one of the advantages of becoming a driving instructor is that in return for coaching new drivers on track, the instructors also get to drive their own cars in other sessions on track. One of the main rules of how to get faster? More track time!

NMS-South is working to get the Z car down to the minimum Spec-Z class racing weight for next year. Still planning to remove the AC system.

Speaking of more track time, Brian also unveiled the NMS-South Nissan 350Z on track this weekend! After a lot of work and preparation like getting a full cage installed, NMS plans to race this car full time in 2025 in the NASA Spec Z class. Look for a lot more info on the mighty Z CAR in the next year!

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