Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Memorial Day NMS Showdown!

Memorial Day weekend racing? Brian says two thumbs up!

Coming up this weekend, which is also Memorial Day weekend, the NMS-South and NMS-North drivers will compete head-to-head for Autocross world supremacy, or at least blogging bragging rights, with both of us driving at Michelin Proving Grounds in the same event. This is a Porsche Club of America event, courtesy of the Carolinas Region PCA, and we're looking forward to some fun times at our favorite 14 acres of asphalt autocross goodness. Brian is going to be so glad he gets the next day off for the holiday, because I'll be busy all day reminding him that I'm faster. 

Three-day weekend? I say cheers!

NMS-South will be driving a fine BMW product, and NMS-North will be wheeling another German automobile from the Porsche folks, so this makes it a German competition unlike anything since, uh, well, East vs. West Germany before the wall came down I guess! Or since the great Bavarian Beer Glass Carrying Competition during Oktoberfest last year! Yeah, sure, let's go with that! Sort of like Bavarian Hefeweizen bier vs. all the rest of the German beers! Or maybe German mustard vs. mustard from other countries. Whatever.

More driving? Yet again Brian gives it a thumbs up!

Other than our driving, we suggest you check out your favorite racing too, in the annual three-way festival of speed that brings us hours and hours of racing on this weekend every year. The Monaco F1 Grand Prix, The Indianapolis 500, and then the NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 all take place on Sunday, so there's sure to be something there for all race fans. Here at NMS-North we're pretty close to the Charlotte race every year, so maybe if we're not driving that day sometime we will attend. Next best thing to that, we'll be driving on the Charlotte Motor Speedway later this summer at a Track Night in America event, so that will be some big fun too. 

Did you say driving? That's a thumbs up from me!

Believe it or not, we have a connection to the Indy 500 as well, since we lived in Indianapolis for a few years, and one of us got to play in a band at the track for various practice days and on race day. The Indy 500 is always sure to be a big deal, so we'll have to catch up to the race after our autocross this year. Like the Charlotte race, it would be fun to attend the real thing again someday too. Other than watching these races, I guess every driver's dream would be to drive both Indy and Charlotte on the same day, which you might have heard Kyle Larson is doing this year. Only about five drivers have ever done this, so good luck Kyle! That's only 1,100 miles of racing in two different cars on two different tracks, about 575 miles apart! Sounds like fun!

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