Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Farewell Stewart-Haas Racing in NASCAR, Welcome NMS?

NASCAR in 2025?

Just yesterday, the Stewart-Haas NASCAR team announced that they are ending operations at the end of this season. That means that just up the road from NMS there's going to be some race seats available, and just maybe an entire team's worth of cars, parts, and a big old garage! One rumor we'd like to start right here is that the leading contender to take over that team in 2025 is the NMS squad. While there is absolutely no evidence of this, this reporter can see it happening. Let's review the facts, and you'll be convinced that it's going to happen this way: 

1: Stewart Haas leaving NASCAR opens up their 4 spots on the grid, and NMS already has 2 drivers, so that puts them about 50% there! Between the two of them, they just might have 2 more friends, so that would take care of the 4 drivers next year! Easy-peasey!

2: Requirements for driving in NASCAR? Make the car go faster. The NMS squad seems to have some clue in this direction. They even have helmets and stuff, so that will cut down on costs a LOT!

3: Also, and another big plus for this scenario, the NMS squad lives in a state that rhymes with "North Carolina," which is exactly where Stewart-Haas racing is located! They could just swap out the "South" part of the current NMS state with the word "North" and BAM! NMS-NASCAR will be in business!

4: NASCAR races at places like Charlotte Motor Speedway, Darlington, and Martinsville, and both NMS drivers have been on those tracks. Specifically, they've been on those tracks driving a car! Could it be any easier than this? We can confirm that the NMS team has driven at other facilities that used to host NASCAR, like at Rockingham NC, so that's just the frosting on the cake. Or the gravy on the biscuits if you prefer. 

5: We don't know the exact details of all the finances in running a NASCAR team, so we'll say that the NMS crew is easily within, oh, rough estimate, say a hundred million dollars of being able to afford to take over the team, plus or minus another hundred million dollars. Sounds legit. 

Well, that's the logic that leads us to believe that NMS will be racing NASCAR in 25! This kind of thinking is so logical and clear, it can only be described as "CRYSTAL" when someone asks "Are we clear?" like in the A Few Good Men Movie. Shoot, go ahead and say it like Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson if you want!

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