Friday, May 31, 2024

May Autocross Showdown Report

As you can see here, the Porsche car is leading the BMW car. 

A long time ago, on a dark and stormy night, it was the best of times, and nickels only cost three cents...

NMS-North and NMS-South. It was hot. We drank water. A lot of water. 

I mean, in the epic 2024 NMS Autocross Throwdown/Showdown, we both drove our red German cars at Michelin Proving Grounds for world supremacy. Actually, I just like saying that I was at a Proving Grounds, because it just sounds even cooler than a racetrack, or a parking lot, or a big flat pancake of pavement. 

The Michelin people make these round things. This one has a lot of smooth tread, must be a racing tire. 

So, there we were, taking our runs, trying to stay on the right course and not  hit the cones. Once the dust settled, the NMS fastest driver on the day was NMS-North!

This is a screen shot from one of my runs, showing high and low speeds at various points on the course. The start is in the upper right at 2.2 mph, ends at the checkered flag. There is one small loop shortly after the start too. 

During this event we didn't know what our times were, although with my app I had a pretty accurate feel for my times. After the event, we packed up and went home, and waited for an email with the final timings. In other words, we just went out and had fun! Kind of like what people did before they had to TikTok, Facebook, and Google everything all the time. 

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