Sunday, May 12, 2024

Automotive Tech Update #4

The Ultra-Mega Crank Bolt Breaker bar

We wrapped up Emissions class last week, so that included studying gas engines, diesel engines, and some hybrid and electric vehicle information. I've gotten some hands on experience with putting a new timing belt and new serpentine belt on an Acura RDX. You can't just walk up to an RDX and take these belts off, so we also got to remove a bunch of parts first. Let's see, the engine cover, the 3 belt covers, disconnected the battery, disconnected and drained the HVAC lines to move them out of the way, drained the coolant and removed the water pump, removed a tensioner and the idler pulley too. Then on the assembly side, we installed a new water pump, new idler pulley, new tensioner pulley, new coolant, pumped up the HVAC refrigerant with our instructors assistance since they are EPA certified. Other than that, just some miscellaneous stuff like taking off then reinstalling the front passenger tire to get to the engine, and the wheel well cover and underneath covers with those dang plastic pins. 

Replaced this water pump since we did the belts. It's just one of those things you do "while you're in there."

The most fun part of this and probably every job is when you think you're done, then finally get to fire up the engine to make sure it works, the belts work, the coolant gets burped, the AC works, the heater works, and everything else still works. Hearing the engine start right up and run smoothly the first time was great!

AC machine
We wanted to move an AC line out of the way of replacing the belts on an Acura, so we had to safely empty the AC system with the help of this machine. Later we refilled with the same machine. In this case the refill stopped 0.03 lbs of refrigerant short, so we just had to run it again and it filled right up. 

I think these spark plugs were off of a Ram truck that some other class members worked on. The twin plugs here either both go to the same cylinder, or it's a waster spark system that always sends a spark to 2 cylinders, with only 1 of them on the power stroke, so the other spark is wasted. 

Passenger front wheel removed for access to the Acura crank bolt. This is the bolt that our 1/2 inch air powered tool didn't budge, so we used the big breaker bar. 

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