Sunday, April 14, 2024

York Cars and Coffee


Once again, it was the 2nd Saturday of the month, so it's off to York South Carolina for the monthly Cars and Coffee! We're likely done with any chilly weather for the rest of the spring and summer, so I'm looking for even bigger crowds for the next few months. This event usually brings out a good number of older US cars and trucks, with plenty of Mustangs as well. Here we go!

Sticking with Ford, a classic pickup truck.

We haven't seen a Mustang since two photos ago, so here's another one, fastback style!

Enough with the Fords, here's something you don't see every day, an old Subaru Brat! It's like an El Camino or Ranchero, but smaller, and more Japanese! If none of those models sound familiar, talk to an older generation. 

Subaru Brat engine bay. Yes, that's the spare tire. Just like where they put it in the Yugo!
See, this way, if you had a flat tire while driving, the new spare tire would be all warmed up and ready to roll, like those Formula 1 racecar tire blankets!

You may not realize what this is, and since I'd never seen one, it took me a quick minute to figure it out. This my friends, is the automotive device that I've been saying for years is what we need, and nobody makes it. Sure, it looks like a rack for carrying building supplies. But no, it's really, the extra-large external CUP HOLDER that solves all your problems. In the morning, you walk out to the truck, with a huge travel mug (or Stanly Thermos) of coffee of course, and there's NO PLACE to set it down as you get out your keys to unlock the truck. PROBLEM SOLVED!

Good view of the truck with the MEGA EXTERNAL CUP HOLDER!

Chevy Belair Nomad station wagon. They do NOT make 'em like this anymore. 

Curved window glass? Check!
Chrome bumper? Check!

Station Wagon? Check!
   Chrome? Check!

Sorry for all the non-Mustang content. Oh yeah, SPOILER ALERT!

Remember amigos...

El Camino is Spanish for...THE CAMINO!

You thought it was going to be another Mustang? WRONG! Camaro!

Pony car classic battle, Camaro vs. Mustang! You must choose wisely.

Powered by Ford

Mercury Eight

Chevy Nova

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