Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Rock Hill Cars + Coffee

We saw a Super Wasp, and a Super Bee!

Right here in Rock Hill SC, the 4th Saturday is Cars and Coffee. Today the weather was great, and there was a big turnout of older cars, some newer cars, and a little bit of everything too. Also, a few of what I like to call "here's something you don't see every day" too. This event happens right next to Knowledge Perk, and man they were doing a big business.  Let’s go!

Porsche with way cool round pop-up headlights. 
Oh, and the engine in the front. 

OK, there was one super car, this Lamborghini. It even has a small round sticker on the driver side windshield, so you know the owner also belongs to a Charlotte group that sponsors car events too, I think it's Cars and Cappuccino. 

Lambo interior. 

Kind of a cool duo here, older Mustang and Porsche 911. 

Sorry I didn't look real close to this one, it had a Lotus badge, but I think it was built by another company. 

I don't remember seeing a wing on the back of a Lotus/Caterham before either!

Maybe a work in progress, but a nice Mach 1 Mustang. 

Once upon a time, there were GM cars made in Australia by Holden. 

Three words: Ford. Galaxie. 500. 

Three more words: Chevy. Chevelle. SS. 

Two tone Mustang? Why not!

This was my favorite car of the day, a 1954 Hudson Super Wasp Hollywood. No B pillar, this was the shorter wheelbase than the larger Hornet. 

I believe this is a Hudson L engine. The owner said it's been modified. 

Super Wasp is definitely in the "Things You Don't See Every Day" category. 

Standin' tall and lookin' good, oughta be in Hollywood...Army cadence.
I been bad, I been good. Dallas Texas, Hollywood...ZZ Top lyrics. 

1954 Hudson with period correct cell-phone holder on the dash!

I forget what car this was, but I bet I hadn't seen one of these old jacks for a long time!

More Mustangs!

BMW Clownshoe!

Enough with the Fords and Chevys, on to some Dodge power!

Like the Bunch of Idiots Coronet, this has the Super Bee!
No, I do not know who would win a cars-named-after-insects fight, a Hornet, Wasp, Super Wasp, or a Super Bee.

In the convertible layout, this Plymouth Super Sport looks really Loooooooong!

Morgan +4! Another car you don't see every day!
When I autocrossed in Virginia Beach, sometimes there were two Morgans like this competing. 

Funky windshields, leather strap on the bonnet, and center rear-view mirror? Check!

Oh, nothing in the trunk officer, just a gigantic Nitrous rig!

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