Thursday, April 18, 2024


Luke, Phillip, and Kyle find out if the engine fits. 

Yes, it's RACE WEEK once again! Brian and the Bunch of Idiots will be wheeling the 70s Dodge Coronet back on track at Carolina Motorsports Park this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! This is the annual 24 Hours of Lemons race, (or just Lemons) with racing most of Saturday and most of Sunday. No, this one is not a full 24 hours straight, but these guys HAVE done that before. 

We need help identifying which are the old and which are the new brake rotors. 
Or are they exactly the same?

One highlight of this event, and unlike almost all other Lemons races across the country, is that Friday night is the big LEMONS BLOCK PARTY! Downtown Camden SC is the place to be, and all the race cars will pull into town, park, and hang out with live music, food, and festivities from about 6-9:30pm. This event is open to the public, and you can walk around and check out all the awesome $500 cars on display! 

The Bunch of Idiots will also be out on track Friday making sure that the newly rebuilt motor and all the other parts of the car stay together and work. Then after the Block Party, they'll be ready to race the rest of the weekend. The Block Party is free, and spectating during the race is only $30 for the full weekend. 

Some inside info tells me that the mighty Plum Crazy Dodge will be wearing its usual #287, although the livery has been updated for this event. Rumors of a race car with a full working mirror disco party ball on the inside, still left over from the 70s, can NOT be confirmed or denied at this time. You didn't hear it from me, and I was never hear. Neither was Admiral Greer. And I hope you've watched the movie Hunt for Red October and know what a disco ball is too! 

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