Thursday, April 25, 2024

Lemons Block Party!

The Bunch of Idiots and their Dodge Coronet. But will it run?
And YES, that is the Coronet support vehicle on the right, a PEUGEOT!

Last Friday kicked off the Lemons race weekend at Carolina Motorsports Park, and the Coronet "Bunch of Idiots" team managed to get in some testing at the track before heading to the Block Party. All the race cars headed from the track down to Camden, paraded into town, and then parked on the street for a few hours of hanging out and car talk. During this time the Lemons judges came around to each car for a quick little inspection and then made the all important class determination. Known as the BS Judging, this is where the judges find out a little bit of info, like if your rusty old 70s Dodge really is just an old Dodge underneath, or if you've put a Corvette motor or something else in there!

Time for the BS Judging. Hoping for Class C. 

The most likely fast/reliable cars will go into Class A, the next slower cars in Class B, and the slowest/worst cars end up in Class C. This is totally arbitrary, so there is some haggling/bribing going on here, and it's all just part of the fun for a Lemons race. The Dodge Coronet started racing in Class C years ago, but then since they won their class one time, they have been bumped up into Class B ever since. 


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Miata and Red Baron Fiero

On the outside: MAVRICK
Underneath: CORVETTE!
This car won the overall race!

Waffle House

Come on judge, a car with this much rust should be Class C!

Cars parade into Camden

Who You Gonna Call?

Where else would you race a car covered in, uh, blue jeans?

You have to admit that the Dodge is HELLASWEET!

Brian sprays some more FAMILY shirts

This tribute to Eddie Van Halen (guitar spoiler!) included a microphone shift knob!

Yes, that fill cap says EARL. SAE 5W- 20 EARL!

Our friends from Shellie's House of Speed with the mighty Dirtie Dirtsun (Datsun)!

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