Friday, April 12, 2024

April Autocross Report

NMS wearing number 4 for this event. 

The Greensboro Coliseum hosted the Carolina Region PCA first event of 2024, and it was a great weather day to do some driving. The NMS crew chief directed the mechanics to go with the street brake pads up front, so the track pads came off.  After checking the brake fluid, tire pressures, and peanut butter and jelly sandwich supplied by the team chef, the transport team packed up the gear and drove the car to Greensboro. After meeting some fellow drivers and walking the course multiple times, the team owner sent the driver to the drivers meeting, and put the driver in the car. 

There was a basketball tournament going on inside the coliseum, so we had a few spectators come out and watch the cars. 

That all sounds cool and everything, but really it only takes one person to do all that. I enjoyed the early morning drive up I-85 almost as much as the 10 Autocross runs. Bottom line, I won my class of 4 drivers and had about the 6th fastest run of the day in a field of 19 or so Porsches and a few non P cars. The morning was chilly, as in hoodie and vest weather, and by the afternoon it was t-shirt weather. Use that sunscreen people!

I liked this Cayman GT4 in blue, he was fast. 

Also big fun was meeting another driver Michael in the same 2009 base Cayman as me. He said it was his first event and I rode with him a few times and we discussed how to attack the course. He did a great job, and kept going faster all day, dropping a huge amount of time, finishing faster than several other drivers too. 

Waiting to start our run group. This event was in parking lot "G." G stands for GO. 

Oh I hit plenty of cones along the way as I was trying to go faster, so maybe I need to watch those cones a little closer. The next event is April 21 at the Winston Salem Fairgrounds. 

NMS meets MoneyGram Haas F1 Team. Gene Haas wasn't at home. 

On the way home I took a quick detour off of I-85 and visited the Haas F1 and Stewart Haas facility. No one was home, so I wasn't able to sign that driver contract for them. Already got the hat too. 

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