Friday, September 1, 2023

NMS: We're Going Racing with NASCAR at Darlington!

NMS on track at Darlington, 2013, photo by Brian Nixon. 

Yes, you read that right, (or I wrote that wright,) (you reeded it,) or maybe you didn't read it and ended up here on this blog anyway! Regardless, NMS will be racing with NASCAR on Sunday September 3rd at the Track Too Tough to Tame, Darlington Raceway! I bet you have some questions!

-Is this because the Joe Gibbs Racing team signed me up when I visited them? Not exactly. 

-Are we driving a NASCAR racer at Darlington? Uh, no, again. 

-Are we donating blood and then getting to drive on track like we did one time? Negative Ghost Rider. 

-Hey, now just wait a minute, NMS has driven in the PARKING LOT at Darlington for many autocross events, is that what this is? NAH. Although we WILL be IN one of their parking lots.

-Maybe we're working on the pit crew? No way. 

-Perhaps NMS will be calling team strategy and spotting for some pro drivers? Nope!

-OK, maybe this is a really lame way to say we'll be selling stuff in the concession stands? or parking Cars? how about cleaning the bathrooms? Are you kidding me?

-Are we going to join thousands of fans, go tailgate, and then watch the race from the grandstands? OH, HECK YES!

First off, thanks to the charity group Vet Tix that made these tickets available for a very small fee, and many other event tickets they provide to veterans. You can find out more about them at

I was lucky enough to win a little lottery they have and receive tickets for a few pennies, so we'll be there Sunday night of Labor Day weekend checking the action. Julie and I attended the warm F1 race in Miami a few months ago, so I'm guessing this will also be HOT! Brian has attended a NASCAR race previously (in Charlotte) so this will be his 2nd race. Look for more reports from THE TRACK TOO TOUGH TO TAME next week!

Here's the track website, with tons of info about the 2023 Cook Out Southern 500 and all their other events!   DARLINGTON RACEWAY LINK

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