Thursday, September 21, 2023

National Drive Electric Week 2023

Brian checks out electric cars in 2014

Come on now, you've heard of electric cars and trucks by now! Shoot, you might even own or lease one. Maybe you know somebody with one. OK, or maybe you hate the idea of electric vehicles. Regardless, you can learn more about electric vehicles and test drive some during National Drive Electric Week! Formore info, or to find an event near you, check out their website: National Drive Electric Week

2014 BMW i3, our previous pick for best electric

I don't have anything to do with this event, and I don't know if the folks in charge have already thought of this or need a cool slogan, but if it were up to me, I'd recommend they use "DEW" for "Drive Electric Week." How about "Just DEW It America!" In their email they refer to it as NDEW, but I think they could cut 25% of those letters and save some ink while they're at it!

Nissan Leaf: we liked it just a hair less than the BMW i3

We attended a Drive Electric Week a few years ago in Blythewood SC (future home of the Audi Scout SUV all electric factory) and had a blast test driving some all-electric cars, so we'll hopefully get to do the same this weekend up in North Carolina. I think electrics are like hybrids, they may or may not fit your driving needs, such as commuting or long-distance trips. If they do fit your plans, then it's worth taking a look. 

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