Monday, September 4, 2023

Michigan Old 27 Motor Tour

Like any hobby, being interested in cars has a lot of events around the world. Some events are once in a lifetime, others happen once a year, and still others occur more frequently. This week we were lucky enough to learn more about one annual event that is celebrating 17 years, the Michigan Old 27 Motor Tour. While visiting family in Grayling Michigan, we saw ads for a Friday night block party and figured that would be fun! A block party sounds bigger than a house party, and bigger is usually better!

A little Googling then revealed that the block party included a car cruise in. Even more research revealed that this is one stop on the week-long Old US Route 27 Motor Tour, and the classic cars would be stopping for the night right there in Grayling! As a bonus, I'd attended an earlier tour stop in Grayling on a previous Michigan vacation too, so now I know that it's an annual event, on the third week of August every year. Here's the link with all the info: 

Route 27 is the old north-south route through the lower (Mitten) part of Michigan, so this event follows that road every year, with cruise-ins along the way in a lot of the cities. The average traveler today would likely just hop on Interstate 75 to make the trip, but of course you're not going to stop and have a block party on the Interstate. Ok, so maybe YOU would, but most of us would NOT! 

Here's a Facebook group page on the event also, tons of photos:

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