Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Clover SC Car Show and Fall Festival

Modern kit-car version of the epic Ford Cobra, one of two at the car show!

Here in York County SC, last Saturday was the annual Clover Auto Show and Fall Festival. If you've never heard of Clover, that's OK, it's not the largest city in the USA. OK, it's not even the largest city in South Carolina. Oh, and it's not the largest city in York County. However, it is in the top 5 for York County, coming in at a population of 7363, so way ahead of 6th place Sharon with 475. Anyway, 

There was a big turn-out of classic cars, lots of other booths selling stuff, bouncy houses for the kids, so let's take a look at just some of the cool cars that we spotted.

The original Ford Maverick was a car.

What says "THE 70s" like this Maverick interior!?!?

1964 Mercury Comet, bring it on!

They don't make rear ends like this anymore!
Gas filler panel in the center too. 

Mercury logo
When station wagons ruled the world!

Plymouth Custom Suburban!

When station wagons ruled the world part II
1956 Dodge Sierra
I think the bit of rust gives the two-toned paint scheme more of a three-toned look!

Dodge with "Mad Max" plate!

Random trivia, the Dodge had this dealership badge from Great Neck NY, which is where we just lived on Long Island!

1966 Chevrolet Corvette

It's always a great day for a car show!

Awesome Buick circa 1959

Sorry I didn't check out the Army Jeep, but I drove one in 1986 in basic training

Decal on an old VW Beetle

What's better than a Four Barrel?

A SIX Barrel!

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