Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Labor Day Car Show: Matthews NC

Ferrari 328

Thanks to the Internet, I learned that there is an annual car and motorcycle show in Matthews North Carolina, and since it was on Labor Day, and I was off of work...I mean, since I'm retired, we went to Matthews! We'd driven through the downtown area, and remembered it was a nice-looking place, one of the many suburbs on the south side of Charlotte. This was a fun event, free to be a spectator, and of course there's always car people that want to chat about cars. Here's some of my favorites from what we saw:

Having seen a variation of this Super Bee logo on the Bunch of Idiots Dodge Coronet race car, it always looks cool to me. I'm a sucker for cool badges, stickers, and hood ornaments. 

Pontiac Chieftan, you don't see these every day! Oh, and stay tuned for more orange/red cars today!

Maybe it was orange car day! A classic VW bus is always worth noting.

More orange, and more 50s Corvette!

I believe this is a 1957, so it's older than me. The early Corvettes still look great. 

What car has a flat-six air cooled motor in the back?
An older Porsche?
Well yeah, but so does the Chevy Corvair.

Bonus easy question: What is better than a Chevy Corvair?
TWO Chevy Corvairs!
You're welcome!

This 51 Mercury was chopped, but I like the grill even more. 

There is just something cool about old cars with unique or distinctive hood ornaments.
This is a Packard. 

I'm guessing this is not an original steering wheel, but either way, the hood ornament design in the steering wheel is pretty cool!


Chevrolet Belair Nomad wagon! There were two of these on display, so let's stick with the red/orange one!

This was the best (and only) French car on display, Citroen 2CV. 
That's the front two seats on the ground, holding a display sign describing the car. 
They look more like lawn furniture.

I didn't ask why a photo of President Trump was in the driver's seat of this Prius. 

Ferrari 328, I talked to the friendly owner. He said he is the 3rd owner of this car. 

OK, this might be my favorite of the day, and I'm pretty sure I've never seen one. This is a 1959 Buick Electra 225 Convertible. It was big. Like as big as a 7-11. 

The Buick interior looked to be original, with real wear on it, and this awesome GREEN steering wheel!

Oh yes, it has fins! And a great sense of humor with the arm sticking out of the trunk. 

As a fan of unusual car logos and hood ornaments, as much as I like seeing a Barracuda, it's just not the most beautiful fish in the world. 

Chevy Belair, not sure if you can see the writing on the back wall of the trunk embossed in the leather.

1915 Ford Model T. They sold a few of these (15 million) from 1908-1928 before his son talked Henry Ford into maybe coming out with another car. 

Ford Rat Rod, note custom saw windshield visor. 

1934 Ford 3 window coupe.

Plymouth, we'll call it Plum Crazy

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