Wednesday, August 9, 2023

(Sean Connery voice:) Welcome to THE ROCK!

NMS-North vs. NMS-South

I sure hope you've seen the 1996 action movie THE ROCK with Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage, because otherwise today's catchy blog title isn't very funny. Anyway, Sean Connery's character once escaped from Alcatraz and then has to take some special forces folks and Nicholas Cage back to Alcatraz to avoid a disaster, and it's just a snappy line he says in his epic Sean Connery voice. 

So, what's this post all about then? Is NMS announcing a new major league racing series with itty-bitty cars racing around Alcatraz Island in San Francisco? No. 

Are we forming a racing team of famous ex-prisonors? No, but I have visited a former prison where Robert Redford filmed "Brubaker"... although it was just a pizza company at the time!

Well, then what in the wide-wide world of sports is THE ROCK? Pro Tip: it's not the actor Dwayne Johnson either. 

Are we talking about Rockingham Motor Speedway, the former oval track in Great Britain? No, it stopped hosting racing in 2018 according to the BBC: BBC NEWS                However, if you're looking for a logistics hub overseas that can store 50,000 cars, host a track filming session or etc, contact the current owners of Rockingham Motor Speedway at this link: Rockingham Logistics Center

"THE ROCK" we're talking about is Rockingham Speedway, and oddly enough it is located in Rockingham North Carolina! THAT is where we'll be driving on August 13th with the Triad Sports Car Club. More specifically, we'll be auto crossing the NMS Cayman on a smaller part of THE ROCK known as the LITTLE ROCK. Here's a link:  THE ROCK

Hey. come on now, even saying THE LITTLE ROCK in Sean Connery's voice sounds cool! Now that I think of it, we're getting close to September 19th, which as EVERYONE knows is the annual Talk Like a Pirate Day, and I think we need another ridiculous Talk Like ____ day, so why not Talk Like Sean Connery Day?

Autocross wise, both NMS drivers will get behind the wheel of Ruby and see how we do in the B Street class. So far there are 5 total drivers in the class, and 68 competitors signed up to drive. We're going to pull out all the stops and go for TOP FIVE... in our class of five! 

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