Sunday, August 6, 2023

NMS Adds Truck #2

If the Red Bull F1 team is going with Ford Hybrid power in 2026, why not me too!

Subtitle 1: I bought a bottle opener, and a Ford Maverick was attached to it! The tailgate really does have bottle openers on it!

Subtitle 2: What truck is ranked #1 by Motor Trend for Best Small and Midsize Trucks to Buy in 2023? Hint: Rhymes with Maverick. Here's their article: MOTORTREND


OK, yeah, we ordered a Ford Maverick a few weeks ago, and of course due to high demand and production of hybrids being slow, we were willing to wait a year for it to be built. Or two. Or more. However, we kept checking car dealerships, as well as online retailers that rhyme with CarMax and Carvana, and not finding any new trucks or used trucks that seemed right. But then, like a bolt of lightning out of the blue oval (Ford blue oval, get it?), our local dealership had one on their website. 

Should I name it Brett Maverick, or maybe Pete Mitchell?

Not so fast! I've learned that dealerships will have trucks listed online, and maybe the truck is AT the dealership, but all of them so far I'd seen were customer orders, so they were NOT for sale. Today however, I figured "Ah what the heck, give 'em a call." The phone call with our local dealer revealed that the truck wasn't at THAT dealership, but up the road about 50 minutes. Shoot, says I, I'll call them too, what could go wrong? 

So, I called, and found out that YES they HAD the truck on the lot. YES it was for sale. I told the helpful salesperson I'll be there ASAP, can I test drive it? They said sure, come on down, it's for sale. The customer that ordered it changed their mind. We'll have it ready for you!

One test drive later, and a bunch of paperwork too, and NMS has now brought on board a 2023 Ford Hybrid XLT Maverick. 

Does it tow a county courthouse? No

Does it go from 0-60 faster than a speeding bullet? No

Does it go off-roading over the Grand Canyon and cure Covid? No. 

Did it have a $30,000 dealer "price adjustment" like a Saleen Mustang I saw on their lot? No. 

Does it have 775 Horsepower like the Shelby F150 I saw on the lot? No.

Does it have push button start? No.

Guess what, I don't need a vehicle to do all that. I just wanted a good gas mileage vehicle (can you say 40mpg in the city?) to drive every day, load up car parts, pick up pizza in, and take trash (excuse me, "garbage" if you're in NY) to our local facility a couple times a week. The Maverick does all that, and I'm looking forward to all that new technology I've never had, like Apple Car Play and all that stuff. 

Oh, and yet again, NMS is going all out in 2023 to boost the economy, spend money, and pay enough taxes to run an entire continent. You're welcome America!

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