Friday, August 18, 2023

NMS Results from THE ROCK: H.O.T.T.

Let's drive!

At Rockingham North Carolina last Sunday, it was hot. I mean it was smokin'. Like, up in the 90s with no clouds hot. To deal with the heat, we drank a lot of water, we sat in the shade when we could, and then we drank some more water. Overall, it wasn't so bad. At least all the ants in the grass where we sat in the shade were NOT fire ants! This event was sponsored by the Triad Sports Car Club up in NC, and they did a good job of designing a fun course and reminding everyone to be careful in the heat. Some clubs around this part of the country will just not schedule events in July or August because of the heat, but with plenty of water, food, shade, and sunscreen, you can survive!


Both NMS drivers competed in the same car, and our 2023 fastest driver was Brian, clearly the best driver on the team. With about 90 drivers and with each person getting 4 trips around the course, it was a lot of fun, even with the heat and the ants! We were not on the big NASCAR circuit, but right next to it on the "Little Rock," driving on a fun course that used two banked loops for about a 50 second run each time. 

NMS #77, you can see the banking!

NMS #77 with new vinyl numbers/class letters, thanks to Brian. 

Not only did Brian outdrive me, in my own car, he also brought out some new #77 and BS class vinyl for the magnets on the car. Thanks! Try driving slower than me next time!

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