Thursday, August 24, 2023

Drag Racing My New Truck!

NMS Maverick at ZMAX Dragway

Last Saturday I happened to be up at ZMAX Dragway in Concord NC, and figured I'd enter a drag race with my Maverick truck! This is the cool place where they drag race 4-wide! Well, as you might imagine, since the new Ford Maverick comes stock with 7,896 horsepower, and slick race tires made from unobtainium, I won every race by 20 seconds, and had a best run of 8.5 seconds at 1,239 miles per hour, and then signed a major contract to drive NHRA events for the rest of my life at 12 gazillion dollars per event. That's with free pizza and beer included!

Following this Miata on a trailer, I liked the license plate "Very Slow."

Who doesn't love a place that says WELCOME RACE FANS!

Well, my lawyer has now advised me to point out that almost all of the statements in the paragraph above may not be 100% true and verifiable. Sorry! Call it poetic license, creative writing 101, or just a bunch of nonsense if you will. However, I WAS at ZMAX on business, and managed to shoot a few photos. The Central Carolina Region of the SCCA was setting up for autocross a little later, so there were just a few cars arriving as things were getting going during my visit. 

Judging by that enormous, huge, gigantic sign, we've arrived at ZMAX Dragway, part of the Charlotte Motor Speedway!

The main stands at ZMAX are named the John Force Grandstand.

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