Thursday, August 3, 2023

NMS Visits Joe Gibbs Racing

Joe Gibbs Racing, Huntersville, NC

One advantage of living near Charlotte NC is that we're pretty dang close to the epicenter of the entire NASCAR universe. We happened to be up in Huntersville on business the other day, and noticed a little old place called Joe Gibbs racing. As a proud former member of the Washington Commanders Marching Band, where Joe was football coach, I figured it would be fun to stop by, drive a few cars, and impress the team with my racing skills. 

Joe Gibbs, NASCAR team owner, NASCAR Hall of Fame member, 3-time Superbowl winning coach, and NFL Hall of Fame member. That is one very exclusive club my friends!

Daytona 500 Harley Earl Trophy

Another Daytona 500 trophy!

OK, that part didn't happen, but I did stop by and visit the gift shop, take a look around the lobby, and then get a peek down into the shop where the cars were being worked on! Hey, it was free too, so a lot more fun and cheaper than going to Carowinds amusement park down the road! 

Driver suits

What do you do with an extra engine? Make it into a table of course!

The store had a ton of shirts, pins, hats, decals, and even used car doors and hoods! I asked about the car hoods and was told they are $1,800 each, so that's another item on my Stuff To Buy When I Win the Lottery list.

Really cool hoods and other car parts for sale

More car parts for sale

Out in the lobby, there were a couple of cars, some nice display cases with memorabilia, and some trophies. To be more precise, a LOT of trophies! I liked the ones from Daytona and Dover, and the Nashville trophy of a Les Paul electric guitar was very nice too!

I liked the Monster Mile (Dover) trophy on the right

Your traditional trophy (Bristol) and a trophy with a pair of boots from the O'Reilly's 500 at Texas Motor Speedway in 2018

Daytona 500 Harley J. Earl trophy

Gibson Les Paul guitar, from the Nashville race

The view into the workshop was impressive, because it's a BIG garage. There were a good number of mechanics working on cars, another area with a bunch of car bodies, and at least one of those was getting a new vinyl wrap. Oh, and a couple bazillion banners hanging on the walls marking the teams many victories. 

Joe Gibbs Racing, 10 driver championships. Not bad for a guy with 3 Superbowl rings too!

The mechanics were busy, so I'd have to guess this car will be racing in Michigan this Saturday and Sunday. 

Lots of work getting done. Apparently, they didn't need a hand or another driver. 

Facility seems to be "slightly" larger than the NMS team

Center right car is getting a new vinyl wrap.

If you get near Charlotte, I'm sure you can visit many of the team's facilities, the Charlotte Motor Speedway, or the NASCAR Hall of Fame, and also for a fun short side trip, head to Huntersville and stop by Joe Gibbs Racing. 

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