Monday, June 21, 2021

NMS Announces Big Mid-Season Upgrade

After 4 autocross events up north, and even though we're leading our small class of cars and standing in 6th overall for the club championship, NMS-North announces a huge upgrade to the 2009 Cayman. Right up there with a super-duper-charger, ultra-sonic hyper-drive, and absolute zero friction tires, this improvement is sure to lower our times by a good 75% OR MORE. For the first time, here on this blog or the entire world wide web, we are proud to reveal this monumental improvement to the #77 autocross car: 

Yes, a new set of re-usable vinyl numbers to stick on the car! This upgrade to the old numbers was required because we peeled the old ones off in the wet, and NOW that we've read the instructions, we know NOT to do that again! 

In the meantime we'd been running a home-made set of 77 magnets that work just fine in dry and wet conditions, but now we've gone for the big upgrade! With the blog web address added, we think it's pretty groovy too. Hopefully the funky font is OK and  you can tell it's 77. 

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