Saturday, June 19, 2021

Let's Go To The Video!

The Porsche dash gives you tire pressure read outs, 29 front and 30 rear

Brian has been doing a lot of NASA Time Trials on track this year, and up north I've mostly done autocross.  We both try to shoot video of our driving, and then review it later to learn why we're so slow. I mean, we try to learn how to go faster! While any video is never as good as the real thing, it does show you what in the wide wide world of sports we're talking about all the time, and I hope it helps show you how much fun YOU can be having by driving too. Heck, maybe it inspires someone to think "I can drive faster than those knuckleheads!" And that's OK too!

Most driving events are all about beating the clock

Here's a few laps of Brian in the NMS Miata, time trialing his way around Road Atlanta last Sunday. Not a wheel to wheel race, he's just driving by himself and trying to improve his single lap time. Remember, racing is like golf, the LOWEST number wins! Check out Brian's YouTube Page at this link: NMS SOUTH YOUTUBE


Up in New York, I was in the Cayman doing the same thing, but on a smaller scale in a parking lot course defined by orange cones. Same idea: MAKE THE CAR GO FASTER! This video and others are on my YouTube page too: NMS NORTH YOUTUBE

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