Friday, June 25, 2021

Do COBRAS Migrate?

A classic COBRA

You've likely heard of the famous migration of the Monarch butterfly, as well as other animals that migrate. The famous "Snowbirds" that migrate annually from their homes in the warmth of Florida and Texas that migrate back north in the summer is another famous migration. The famous swallows that return to San Juan Capistrano in California are world famous, while in Hinckley Ohio, it's the buzzards that return in April every year. Last week we drove through Hinckley while touring the northeastern Ohio area, so that reminded me of another famous migration that you may not have heard much about. 

London is the home of an annual migration that is loud and thunderous, and for one weekend each summer totally disrupts the local population. No, not London England, London Ohio of course, and the annual June weekend of the London Cobra Show. 

To tell you the truth, I've never been to the London Cobra show, but I have been to the Rattlesnake Round-Up in Oklahoma! Yes, a bunch of snakes all in one place is a sight to see! While Rattlesnakes can be dangerous, the Cobras in Ohio are fairly harmless, they're very popular, and you can build one yourself!

OK, you can't build a snake unless you're a mad DNA wizard microbiologist, so the London Cobra Show is all about the Cobra cars made famous by Carol Shelby in the 1960s. One reason to check out the link TODAY is that TOMORROW is the drawing for a new Cobra built by volunteers, with all the proceeds going to charity. Check it out...

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