Tuesday, December 29, 2020

NMS Introduces "Good-Bye 2020" Holiday

Unless you've been cryogenically frozen since March, you know 2020 has not been the greatest of years on this particular planet we all call home. So, to do our part in boosting morale, NMS is happy to introduce the start of a NEW holiday this Thursday night, called "Good-Bye 2020" Day. There is no particular events associated with this holiday, no cards to buy, no gifts to wrap, and no expectations other than everyone can just go celebrate the end of 2020. While you might also throw in an old-fashioned New Year's Eve, we think Good Bye 2020 makes it even better. Shoot, a real holiday like GB2020 Day is a full 24 hours to celebrate, not just an "Eve." Heck, what kind of lame holiday is less than 24 hours?

So, there you have it, another great holiday to celebrate, along with our January 1st New Year of Driving holiday, and last week's Drivers and Racers Gift Giving December 25th Holiday. 

While we're reflecting on the year of 2020, you might want to check out this year-end wrap up video from the 24 Hours of Lemons Folks:


One quick mention of the NMS-South and friends team "Bunch of Idiots" that managed to compete often enough, and drive fast enough to land near the top of the Lemons South Region Points Standings for teams and drivers. Here's a screen shot as proof!

Bunch of Idiots in 4th for teams, drivers tied for 3rd!!

Thanks for reading the blog, and stay tuned for more automotive activities in 2021!


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