Saturday, December 19, 2020

New Helmet Day: Zamp!

What could possibly be in this box or bag?

Today was very exciting at NMS-North, with the arrival of a new Zamp brand helmet. My old Zamp helmet was fine and managed to collect a lot of stickers on it, as most groups that run auto events like to put their annual sticker on it to show that you've passed their inspection. Inspection? Yes, in autocross and track events, safety is a big deal, and one part of that is to not only have a  helmet, but to have one that meets certain safety requirements. You could probable go drive your race car in a 100 year old leather helmet, but you wouldn't be safe and no organization that cares about safety would let you anyway. 

Visor up close

The upgrades on this model are that the interior pads are all removable for washing or replacing, and the air holes on top if somehow I had a super-cool AC unit to blow cool air into my helmet. Not likely to happen, but you never know!

Ready for optional air supply, top of helmet

Long story short, most groups like the Sports Car Club of America, NASA, and the Porsche Club of America all require a helmet from within the past 10 years or so, since helmet safety guidelines are updated every 5 years. That's a good thing as better safety systems are developed, and on the other hand it means that your helmet won't go out of date the next year if you buy a new one. The newest year of helmet regulations is 2020, so this new helmet is coded for 2020. 

Zamp  helmet, might need to remove that sticker on the visor before driving!

I'm not a pro, and don't have any endorsement contracts, but I'd still like to thank the friendly folks at Zamp for this helmet. In November I ordered a really cool matte gray one, but it turns out that with the COVID and other shipping delays that they hadn't gotten as much in stock as planned, so out of the blue last week the Zamp people called me and said I could wait a little longer, or if I wanted a helmet sooner they'd be happy to give me an upgrade if I didn't mind going with white. I'd call that great customer service, and I gladly accepted their offer. Check them out at their website: ZAMP RACING

Meets SA2020 standards

Some of my other driving gear includes a Zamp race suit and a Zamp head and neck restraint device, so I've been very happy with their equipment and their low prices. Give them a try, and I bet you'll be happy to be a Zamp-er too!    

NHD: New Helmet Day!


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