Monday, December 7, 2020

Porsche Project #2

Getting the 2009 Cayman up to speed started with the engine air filter last time on the blog, so let's move from the rear hatch around to the front hood (or front trunk FRUNK) to get at the cabin air filter. 

OK this is easy, start at the FRONT of the car. The engine isn't up here, but the cabin 
air filter is, so let's look under the hood. You can replace the air filters from the comfort
of your own driveway or garage, you don't need a lift or anything. 

Here's what's in my Frunk, a spare tire, and then above that you see a bunch of plastic covers over, uh, well, whatever is under the covers!

Let's zero in on the upper left, or passenger side of what's in the Frunk. All these plastic covers easily come off, so just remove a few pieces. 

With the covers out of the way, you can see some tubing and wiring, and that flap that covers up the cabin air filter. 

Peeking under the flap, you should be able to see the filter (looks like a furnace filter or any other flat filter) which is behind the silver metal frame held in place with 4 Torx screws. Just remove the screws, and the filter pretty much pulls straight out. Put in the new filter, fasten the frame back in place, and then replace the 3 black plastic covers and you are DONE!

Here's with the 4 screws removed. The upper aluminum piece just stays in place, so you can slide the old filter out and new filter in underneath it. Super-extra bonus cool Cayman 
trivia: you can also see the long VIN number of this car, which includes the letter "U" in the 11th position, which  means the car was built in Finland. Not a big deal, I just think it's cool
that my car is like F1 drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Valtteri Bottas: BUILT IN FINLAND!

Very difficult motoring trivia here: Which filter is the NEW one, and which filter
is the OLD one? Sorry I don't know how old it is,  but that dirty, dark, filthy one on the bottom is the old one, and this should inspire every car owner in America and around the world to change their cabin air filter. 

A closer look in case you missed some of the debris in the filter. This thing is so easy to change, I'll be checking it again every year at least. It just filters out the air you breath
inside your car, it's kind of a big deal. 

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