Saturday, August 1, 2020

NMS-North Shifts to German Engineering

NMS-North announces the addition of a Porsche Cayman to the stable, which means a dramatic increase in the percentage of German cars in the team. The Porsche and the NMS-South BMW are in addition to the long standing Miatas and the FIAT Abarth. In further developments, team managers have decided to offer the FIAT Abarth for sale, as the NMS squad seeks bigger horsepower gains, more track time, better road handling, more tires and brakes, as well as what scientists call "money."
This is a 2009 Cayman in Ruby Red Metallic, currently wearing 19 inch wheels. The Cayman is the hard top version of the convertible Boxster, and 2009 marks the first year of the 2.9 liter flat 6 engine, and the PDK automatic transmission.
Rated at 265HP, the Cayman tops the Abarth power by 105 more HP, and with the rear wheel drive will require the NMS-N driver to actually learn how to drive! Observant car fans will know that the Porsche crest shares a black horse with the famous Ferrari logo, so we'll just conclude that if your car has a black horse on it, uh, well, then good for you!
While Porsche has a long history of German engineering, the Cayman was assembled in Finland, which gives NMS a nice Germany/Finland car, to match the Mexico assembled Italian/Mexican FIAT. While many people think that the Miata is assembled in Japan, rumors say that they are really built by elves living in a hollow tree that moonlight building Keebler cookies. Nothing else explains the fun of driving a Miata, so we're willing to believe it.

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