Sunday, August 30, 2020

2 Weeks Till 24

Next to last weekend before the race. Here's how it went down...
Saturday I got hood pin holes in the new hood, painted it, and added some very home-made louvers. A quick test of the shop fan aimed at the radiator had lots of air flowing out of the new vents. 
Sunday I got to work swapping in a new under-tray to replace the tattered original one, tightened up a few bolts, and spent some time tidying up a lot of the interior wiring. Last weekend there was just a floor full of spaghetti and now it looks like a car again. 
While I finished up all the small jobs around the car, Kyle finished the new ECU wiring so I can take it for professional tuning this week. 
With any luck, next weekend I'll knock out a little theme work and give the car new decorative LED lighting for the night racing and we'll be ready to hit the track. 

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